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Launched in June 2020, Miles Green Gardenscapes is an Eco-Friendly Residential Landscaping Service in the Wichita, KS area.

Derek Miles has been working in landscaping since 2015, and in the summer of 2020, decided to start his own business; focusing on eco-friendly lawn care. This means no pesticides, no fertilizers, no fescue lawns; he prefers to focus on Kansas-native plants which save water, and require less mowing. 

Services include landscape maintenance, lawn mowing, setting up compost systems, raking leaves, tree trimming, pruning, snow removal, hauling away brush & debris, and more!

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Landscaping

Conventional landscaping utilizes all kinds of harsh chemicals that negatively affect soil health and the environment. Fescue lawns use up an excessive amount of valuable water and need mowing much more often. I prefer to work with Kansas-native plants that thrive in our climate, and require less maintenance.

Garden Hose Sprinkler

What I Offer

Lawn Mowing  (using a mulching mower)

Composting  (nurtures the soil & encourages healthy growth!)

Landscape Maintenance

Raking Leaves

Trimming Small Trees

Pruning & Weeding

Mulch beds

Fire Pit Installation

Hauling away brush & debris

...and more!

What I DON'T Do...

Pesticides & Fertilizers pollute the air & water.

Fescue lawns require excessive watering & quickly use up the water supply.

Large Tree Removal

Stump Grinding



Installation of Sprinkler Systems

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